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Database program designed to catalog and manage a personal, club, school, church, or business library
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4 October 2012

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BookCAT will easily organize and manage book collections right from your personal library to the biggest public libraries.
This powerful database program can easily manage the collection of books in personal libraries, churches, schools, clubs, business organizations and much more. Books organized with this tool can be organized in a systematic way; they can be easily catalogued, easily traceable, each and every book can be easily track able including books out on loan and will let you know the total value of your collection. The tool is supported by powerful search and filter features that will easily find your search with combinations of data fields and operators. Included is a report designer with more than 80 pre-defined reports and also the option to create your own reports, a HTML generator, a sample data base, pop-up menus and more.
With unlimited growth use BookCAT un-sparingly to store an unlimited number of records.

Publisher's description

BookCAT is a powerful database program designed specifically to maintain an inventory of your book collection. BookCAT is used by book-lovers, schools, churches, clubs, and business libraries. Using BookCAT you can quickly catalog your books by downloading information from
the Internet. BookCAT will help you track what you have in your library, where it is (including books out on loan) and the total value of your collection.
BookCAT has a comprehensive set of fields, enabling you to catalog a wide range of information: author, title, publisher, ISBN number, publish date, number of pages, editor, original title, translator, binding, edition, type of book (fiction, non-fiction, etc.), category and sub-category, purchase date and price, current value, condition, status (own, want, for sale), personal rating, owner, location, keywords, awards and nominations, comments, synopsis, reviews, and more.
You can effectively find the information you are looking for by using the powerful search and filter features. BookCAT allows you search your database with any combination of data fields and operators.
BookCAT includes a report designer that lets you create professional looking reports with exactly the layout you want. Use one of the more than 80 pre-defined reports, or create your own reports from scratch. You have full control over data fields, groups, sort order, columns, fonts, colors, paper size, margins and print orientation. BookCAT lets you preview reports on screen before printing, or save reports in virtually any file format.
You can quickly generate documents to be published on the Internet. The loan module lets you keep track of books on loan. Check the program periodically to see what is still out on loan. You will always know who has what and since when.
BookCAT uses popup menus for quick feature access and navigation. BookCAT comes with a sample database to get you started and a comprehensive context sensitive on-line help system.
Version 10.22
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The honesty of your poistng is there for all to see
LOVE IT! This is what I`ve been looking for to organize my books (collected over many years!). Thank you! Now, if you have a database in which to organize my professional journal articles, that would be a bonus!
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